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Beach Holiday

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  • Beach Holiday

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    Beach Holiday, Beach Holiday Games, Play Beach Holiday Games

    Inspector? What about my mother? Do you have news? Not yet. But we havea search Game goingthroughout thecity. We’ll find her. Whereareall the inmates of the home? They’re havingsport now. Oh, could I havea look? I don’t know what you want to see, but if you wish. Ah, Miss Susan. We’vesome new girls. I can introduce you. Why, of course. Certainly. This way. Glve me a klss. Yes? Good afternoon, Inspector. Good afternoon to you. Hello. Well, what can I do for you today? Please havea seat. Thank you. We’d like to havea chat with oneof your guests, Mother Superior. But of course. Which girl would you like to speak to? Dorothy Smith. Well, you see Game She isn’t here today. I mean, she hasn’t come home yet. Hasn’t come home yet? No. days ago she was assigned a project with someof theother girls outside Game of the home. She hasn’t returned yet. And what about theother girls? They haveall come back. Do the police know this girl is missing? We usually report such things at once. But this case is a littledifferent. How so? Dorothy should have been released a long timeago. But she just didn’t want to go. She is so very happy here, and weall like her so dearly, especially Sister Elizabeth. Why, she’s just likea mother to her. I’m really quite worried. And the poor child is deaf and dumb! I do hope nothing’s happened to her. That’s easy enough to find out. May I makea phonecall? Why, certainly. Doctor Howard, please. Oh, I didn’t realize it was you. Perkins here, Doctor. I’m over at St. Mary’s Home. A colored inmate has been missing now for days. Aged , name Dorothy Smith. I don’t suppose you’veanythingon her? I’m sure that’s the girl I just covered with a sheet. I’m not certain whether Game she is Dorothy Smith, but judging by the age it could beshe. Yes, a colored girl. Could you ascertain thecauseof death? She was run over by a motor car. It was a hit and run case. But we’resure to capture thedriver. There was an eyewitness to theaccident. Listen carefully, now it gets interesting: This particular car was Game A whiteambulance.

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