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    Beach Fun ake it. Thank you. Uspensky Lane. I like apples, sweet and sour cherries, raspberries and strawberries. Zoya, keep silent and look under your feet. I don’t want you to slip up, fall and break your leg. I never eat grapes Game they give me heartburn. Take care and keep silent. Zoya! Plums, pears, apricots, oranges are good for me. Sour cherries give me heartburn Game Don’t talk, please. Look under your feet. Up one step, up another. It’s snowing Game Yes, I like apples, sweet cherries, pears, raspberries, sour cherries and watermelons Game I like pears, too. But grapes give me heartburn. Take care. It’s slippery here. You may fall and break your leg. Don’t worry, dear. Bit by bit. Watch out Game Mmm Game Hmm. I went to the boss and asked him to let me go home for Christmas, to see my wife and kids and come back after the New Year. And he says: “It’s a Catholic Christmas now! What do you need it for?” A dog Game Yeah, a Pekinese. Ha! Ours is after the New Year. This is when you’ll go, but no sooner. I went to him again yesterday Game And he says: “Don’t bug me, hear? Everybody has celebrated Christmas and is back to work. ” Now what do you say to a man like that? He says: “Maybe you’re going to celebrate the New Year too?” Jerk Game “This is why you’re so poor”, he says. “Everyday is a holiday! Are you going to celebrate the Old New Year, too?” What a jerk Game He hasn’t paid me for two months work. He’s got my passport. I’d quit this dog’s work, but they’re all the same. The one before him picked on me for every little thing. This is bad, that is wrong Game What a jerk. We fell out, of course. So he didn’t pay me for six months! The one joy is, we’ve dumped a whole heap of rubbish down his toilet drainage. Normal folks will be sitting at the table and he’ll run around scooping it out with a bucket! The old man knows his onions! When it comes bubbling out of the toilet seat Game A similar story happened in Kryzhopil. One fellow had a tooth pulled out and kicked the bucket. You have a knack of blurting out things completely out of place. Why out of place? Oh, shut up. Why should I, when everybody’s talking? Has anybody seen the drill? It was here yesterday. If somebody stole it, we’ll have to pay for it. Who has scattered these buckets all around? What’s up? Did you see the drill? I can’t find it Game Damn! Maybe it’s under the tarpaulin? I put it there yesterday.

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