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Beach fashion Adventure

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  • Beach fashion Adventure

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    Beach fashion Adventure Description

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    You have a new film, and I have a new wife. Double the cause for celebration! Hu! Yes, sir! Si Fan, do you know what you’re doing? Do you know what kind of a person he is? Your father is an respectable gentleman. Marrying him Games should be the dream of any woman. You’re obsessed with vanity. You’re no different from the others. I chose to be in the movies because I love the vanity. Is that so wrong? This is not the Meng Si Fan I know. I’m an actress. Mr. Gu. My performance is over. You should come back to reality, too. What kind of dirty tricks did you pull to make her marry you? How dare you?! She admires me. She chose to marry me. Si Fan. Tell me one thing. Is this true? It’s true. Young Master! Young Master! Don’t bother. It’s a stormy world out there. He’ll have to come back. All three smell of garlic. It really is the powder. Something is going on in the theater. Who are you? What do you want? It was the birthday of the Gu’s eldest son. The Kong Family Troupe also died that day. This performance has gone on for years. It’s finally time to drop the curtain on it. Watch out. Don’t bump into anything. Alright. Follow closely. Don’t get left behind. Be careful. Look. Isn’t that pretty? It is. Look, sis. That building is so big! Keep it down. People will see that we’re from the countryside. Here we are in the big city. This is where the Kong Family Troupe makes its name. It’s such a bustling place. Will we be able to make it here? I thought that this town is all about favors and personal connections. Don’t worry, Luzu will watch over us. We’ll make it here. Once we settle down, we’ll get married. Look,Ian! Look at that! It’s so pretty! Welcome to my shop. Can I help you? How much does that watch cost? You’ve got good taste. This watch is imported from Europe. I don’t think you can afford it. Don’t look down on us, sir. How much is it? Three silver dollars? Sis, let’s buy it! It’s three hundred silver dollars. It’s worth every dollar. Jin! Jin, we’re almost there. Let’s go! coming! Let’s go, Ian! I see that you like the watch.

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