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Beach fashion 4

Beach fashion 4


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PLAYED : 911

Beach fashion 4 Description

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Beach fashion 4 Yeah. This is Officer Sosi. I have one white male suspect down by the river entrance. Send help now. They’re coming. You guys need to go quick. Thank you. Let’s go. They’re coming. Get out of here. Why the hell are we running? You got something you want to tell me? Look, Wolf, just be straight with me, man. That’s all I’m asking. My mom was raped. When my father found her in our house Game she was beaten so badly, he couldn’t even recognize her. We had to put her on life support ’cause she couldn’t breathe on her own. She couldn’t eat. She couldn’t speak. She was gone. They catch the guy? Tribal police found him and they arrested him. But because he wasn’t native, he’s got to be tried in a federal court. Federal prosecutors declined the case because apparently it wasn’t serious enough. They hold him for a year and then they release him. Six months ago, I tracked the man down and I killed him. Been on the run ever since. Morning, sunshine. Coffee? It’s hot. Sorry I went through your pack. Breakfast? You know you got a snoring problem? Really? Yeah, it’s disgusting. Seriously. Fuck you. Cheers. Thanks, man. So, where we going? This place is amazing. Something I can help you with? Yeah, you sure can. How much for this? All this stuff. All these knickknacks and whatnot. I’d like to buy it, your place. It’s not for sale, my man. Well, I was hoping maybe we could work out an arrangement. Get the fuck off my property. Ooh, tough guy. I fucking knew it! You got seven seconds to get off my property, motherfucker. Fuck! Who is that? That’s Cash. Irish, Cash. How you doing? You motherfucker. I almost fucking tuned you up, man. God damn it. You want a beer for that? Oh, I’d love a beer. I would, too. When do you not? I got something I got to show you. Come with me. Come here. Come, come. Wolf, meet Wolf. This is your godson. Good job. Where is she? Oh! Let’s go get that drink. He has Mom’s spirit. Really? Mmm. He looks beautiful. Thank God he looks like you. I miss this. Can you stay? I wish I could, but I can’t. You know I can’t.

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