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Beach fashion

Beach fashion


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Beach fashion Next time, then. Good night. laughs They don’t know where I am. They each think I’m with the other one. You know, I kind of figured that out. I mean, I’m here, but I feel bad about having to lie to them. Now you have to tell me a secret. I lied on my application. You? laughs I’m not until tomorrow. Two desperate criminals. Who’ll we do if they catch us? Run away and join the circus. Soyuz escape pod is go for separation. Speaking Russian This is a stageone alert for all staff of Houston Control. Due to deteriorating weather conditions, communication with the International Space Station is in jeopardy. Activate backup NASA control location, Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. YURI Soyuz emergency escape pod to be jettisoned in , , , . Okay, this next challenge is one of my favorites. It simulates liftoff. You will launch and return your precious cargo, a fragile egg, without damaging it, using only cotton balls and tissue to protect it, all right? All right, let’s see. I don’t wanna let go All right. All right. Mission Control, we are go for launch. I’ll be the Challenger Of my generation’s Space explorations I am the Challenger Warriors, rocket launch. Let go of this minor key Makes sense to me Game Titans, rocket launch. Of knowing what, knowing what I know Whoa oh, whoa oh IOoh Whoa oh, whoa oh IOQh Game a’ And straight from the International Space Station, we have a special guest eggstronaut. Here to help with the eggsamination. Titans? Doesn’t care But I still hate The way you just expect things to change Yells, laughter moaning Ah, yeah. Ah, yeah. Warriors. Knowing what I know Game cheering Whoa oh, whoa oh IOoh Whoa oh, whoa oh Hey, check it out. We’re still winning. They ain’t got a shot. Hey, little dudes. In case we don’t get a chance after it’s over, I just wanted to congratulate you on your effort. Lacey scoffs We little dudes are kind of overwhelmed. Seriously, though, you guys aren’t half as bad as we believed. Right, guys? Yeah. JIMMY We’re going to win this. The buggy competition is tomorrow.

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