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Batgirl dress up

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    Batgirl dress up Move it. As you know, the new equipment was installed in your supermarket on the eve of Christmas holidays, the peak of shoplifting activity. The system is simple and effective. Some of the cameras are placed ostentatiously. You can see it in detail. To make the potential shoplifter feel secure. Lunchtime customers will start coming now, but there are no trolleys. While he thinks the camera is monitoring a narrow strip only, the real monitoring points are carefully concealed from view. Good. I have to go check the trolleys. We can control all the floor space this way. Here is a typical case. I have explained them many times, but personnel fluidity. You can see everything in detail. I would like you to see it. Just two minutes. All right, I will. I have enlarged it for you to see what our equipment can do. You can zoom in on something or view it from a different angle. Here Game a girl takes a loaf of bread Game How early they grow up these days! Aiaiai Game And hides it in her clothes Game And pockets Game See, rye has been sold out but there is wheat Game I’ve told them many times Game Look Game the girl takes the bread Game Rye sells out faster, you know. Aiaiai Game Hides it in her clothes Game And starts to put it away. Some appetite for bread Game Oh, yes. Maybe it’s the nerves. This isn’t candy, after all. A very nervous girl. And a textbook example of a shoplifter caught redhanded. What she can’t have, she will bite off a piece. That’s you! It is you! Let me out! Let me out of here! Let me out of here! Looks like you’re an accomplished shoplifter! And me talking about some cucumbers Game Hem. I didn’t get it, but anyway. Bye. Money! Money! Money! Jesus Game Honey, I couldn’t get through to you. What happened? Now hear me: Can you obey somebody blindly? It’s when somebody makes decisions for you sit back and enjoy? Exactly. Get into the car and go To the airport? But make you sure drive very carefully. Not you, the chauffeur, of course. Take Vassily. The cat? Not the cat, the driver Vassily Game And not to the airport

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