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Barbie’s Beautiful Makeup Adventure

Barbie’s Beautiful Makeup Adventure


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Barbie’s Beautiful Makeup Adventure Description

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you know. I save her a seat then she doesn’t come and it’s like Games You saved her a few seats, ’cause there was a couple of ’em empty. There was a bunch of just wind Games Don’t. I know. The fan base is Games Just a whole bunch of air. I get it. I got it, all right? It’s just like Games sighs They could’ve Grouponed your tickets. They did. They did? I shouldn’t have said that. You ever hear of a filter? You need a filter. Like Games We’re friends. We’re not friends, we just met today. Adam, help me with the chorus.Love♪ Love, love, love, love♪ Feelin’ it♪ I’m feelin’ it♪ I’m feelin’ it♪ I’m feelin’ it♪ I’m feelin’ it♪ Oh, loveFeelin’ love♪ Love, love I’m feelin’ it♪ Love, love Games Yeah, come on. Games I’m feelin’ it♪ Love, love, loveall singing loudly He’s pretty good. Oh, my God. Damn! So, I’m kinda helping, though, right? No. No. Jared’s way better. I would prefer just to hear him. If Games Okay. Uh-huh. Dude, that’s the song. Stop looking at me, dude. That’s the song. That was the highlight of the night. Whatever, dude. Hey, man, you know what? You pretty good, Bread Moran’s brother. Did you just call me bread? That’s your name. Brent Morin. Bre Games What? Brent Morin. You just called me Bread Moran. I thought it was Bread Mo Games Look, that’s what Games Nobody’s named bread. Well, somebody had to be named Bread. I mean, ’cause it’s a name. When? When they named bread. It’s like, before bread was made, somebody had to be named Bread, so they would know the name bread. That’s not a good story. All right. Let’s do it.Fee Games I gotta throw up. Brent? I gotta throw up. No, you gotta throw up outside. Outside! You gotta take it down. It’s Brent Morin. It’s his special tonight. He’s cool. All right? He’s with me. He’s good? He’s with Games I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry. He’s with me. This is my list. I’m with him, we’re here together. Hey! Hey, whoa. You’re with him? Man Games How you been, man? I’ve been great, dude. You’re looking good, man. I appreciate it, man. We gotta do drinks. Definitely.

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