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Barbie wedding dress up Adventure

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  • Barbie wedding dress up Adventure

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    Barbie wedding dress up Adventure Description

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    Excuse me Games please don’t cry. Why is she coming at me like Aghora of film ‘Arundhati’? Please trust me. l don’t know how your clothes got tear, if you want, l’ll mend it. lf you insist, l’ll buy you new dress. But please don’t manhandle me. l beg you. Father, please forgive me. l committed a sin! What’s this madness! Stop! Please listen to me. Stop l say! lf you die committing sin, l’ll get lynched by police. Come.. e l say! What? My visiting card. Why? l like! Are you crazy? l like this dress very much and sentimental about it too. To return it to me. What again now? Can you give me your phone number? Why? lf you forget about the dress, l’ll call to remind you. l’ll not give. No please Games Where did you vanish from last night’s party? Who is she? Some crazy girl. l mean building a mental hospital, seeking donation. Did you give? l did. Then, why are you still talking to her on road? Useless lazy people are living happily by collecting donations. lsn’t the girl beautiful? Yes. No Games no Games What’s the confusion? What happened to you? That’s what l’m also confused about! Something is wrong with you. l’ve to go for shopping. Good morning sir. Who dropped me home last night? Didn’t you drop me home then? Not yet out of hangover! Why should one drink then? Why don’t you answer me? Gone deaf! Mind blocked! What happened? Nothing. Your nothing says something had happened, tell me what had happened? Nothing happened, sir? Trust me. l can make cock to lay eggs, can’t l make you sing the truth? Always speaks about chicken and eggs, were you working in poultry farm earlier? One slap and you’ll end up as chicken . Why are you arguing with him? He’s still in hangover. Come with me. Nothing sir, last night a girl Games Did you hook up with any girl? She came. Did she? What did you do with her? l don’t remember sir. What did the girl do with you then? l don’t remember that too, sir. Neither you remember what you did nor what she did with you. Did you enjoy so much then, boy? You’re very lucky! Till now l saw only comedy angle in you,

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