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Barbie Wedding Adventure

Barbie Wedding Adventure


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Barbie Wedding Adventure Description

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I got these off Nagel. No, no. Don’t do that. Leave me just as I am. No. Don’t even touch me. You mustn’t be found here when your help comes. You must get away from me. Now listen carefully. Listen carefully, Lucia. Don’t you understand? Everything has turned out alright. Finding Nagel here, they’ll never know what happened. It will be .. He was with me when I had the accident. You’ll spoil everything if you’re here when they come. Ah now, you must have courage, Lucia. Believe me. You’ll spoil everything if you stay. It will all be for nothing. Everything will be alright for me in a few minutes. They’ll take me to the Station. The doctor will fix me up there. But you must get away from here. Go on. Hurry, Lucia. Go on now. You’ll see. Hurry now. Go on, get away. I can’t. Hurry, Lucia. Go on. Go on now. Go on. Come on, Mrs Harper. I’ll drive. Mrs Harper. Telephone. Berlin calling. It’s Mr Harper. He’s on the phone. What’s happening? Mother. We saw a terrible accident. Quiet, David. It’s Mr Harper, Berlin. Dad? Mother, we had to make a detour. The police said .. The police said that the man who was in the accident confessed to killing Darby. And they got to him just before he died. And mother, they told me who it was. Here she is. Just a second, Dad. What’s going on down there? It’s Dad, Grandpa. Oh. Tom? Tom, we’ve mailed your Christmas packages. We’re going to have a blue Christmas tree. And everything is fine except .. hasn’t seen the light of day in approximately years. Okay, fellas. One on each side. Lift it carefully. Okay, easy. Put it right over there. Perfect condition. Can anyone translate the name? Ankh Vanharis. A male cognomen. Literally a noble traveler. Uh-huh. Meaning? I guess he was a visiting dignitary. Why would they bury a foreigner in the tomb of King Tut? It’s a good question, Michael. Maybe we’ll find the answer in the scroll of dedication. All right, let’s go for the inner lid now. Carefully. Door opening Watch it, you idiot. Sorry, doctor. Sorry’s not gonna help when you break some of the machinery.

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