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Barbie Sweet Princess Adventure

Barbie Sweet Princess Adventure


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Barbie Sweet Princess Adventure Description

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How are you doing? Yeah, all right. I’m gonna go up to Dottie’s and call him an ambulance. Hey, Laura, just hold on a second, would you? What? Listen, it’s just right now, we’re the only ones who know about this. Why don’t we just wait for this guy to wake up and tell us what happened? What are you so worried about? Hon, I mean, if it was really self-defense, it’s not gonna be a problem He was a cop. Laura, the guy I shot was a cop. SIGHS GASPS SIGHS REPEATEDLY Shh. GUN CLICKS You let go of my son right now. I can’t do that, mister. I need him. What for? Put the gun down. Put the gun down! All right, all right, all right. He says he knows where my key landed. I need that key more than you can understand. There’s gonna be cops all over that place any minute now, so I gotta get there. All right, all right, all right. Why don’t you take me instead? Okay? I saw where it landed, too. BREATHING HEAVILY I mean, come on, he’s just a kid. You don’t expect him to remember the exact spot, do you? I’ll take my chances.

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