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Barbie Sweet Bride

Barbie Sweet Bride


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Barbie Sweet Bride Description

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it hangs on my desk. I knew something of Sebastião Salgado. Really they cared about people. This meant a lot to me. At the end of the day, people are the salt of the earth. It was a long time before we met and we talked about his life, his work and where it came from everything. The salt of the earth We can put many photographers in one place, always will draw very different pictures because necessarily come very very different sites. Everyone has their way of seeing, each according to his story. I think my story It is that I learned my way to see here in this place. Here I have an ideal world. Took long walks with my father, through this place, and we came here to watch. Behind each of these mountains, there is a story, there is something to see. Here I dreamed a lot. He wanted to go beyond these mountains, he wanted to know. A JOURNEY WITH Sebastiao Salgado MOUNTAINS OF WEST PAPUA, INDONESIA, Village Yali, Sebastião was very bohemian, was always traveling. He liked to travel as anyone. My father was like that. It was not anywhere. It was like a shuttle. That was Tiao. I thought I was in Vitoria, and was here. O he was in the north, or making political propaganda. And as for studies, if I had not had friends, he would have studied. Sebastião was left for studies. He gave a lot of work. But he studied economics. I wanted to do law. He studied one year, but did not like and he switched to economics, and did well. This was Sebastião Salgado, Father. He bequeathed his name to his only son, who, though he remained all his life a restless traveler, He benefited from studies that his father forced him to take in ways that would never have imagined. His studies in Economics endowed him sound knowledge markets, trade and industry. So I knew what ruled the world. For him, all started in Aimorés, a small town in Brazil. There the estate of his father stood under the big sky. There were vast Atlantic forests. The river then was still navigable. But above all, endless trains were passing by bursting with minerals, iron ore going

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