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Barbie Sweet Bride Time

Barbie Sweet Bride Time


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Barbie Sweet Bride Time Description

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a “moron” and a “token,” and suggested he eat more fried chicken. To ban someone because you disagree with their views demonstrates you’re not really a news organization, but you’re an opinion organization. CNN means Clinton News Network. There are more people watching than watching MSNBC and, at some hours, CNN combined. [Alex Jones] Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide. Roger Stone, the consummate Trump insider, the vice-Trumpian joins us. You’ve got Alex Jones, he’s like the sort of main conspiracy theorist, probably the most popular in American life now. You know, Roger Stone goes on that show every day. There’s this crazy vortex of all that stuff back from the ‘s just now sort of exploding through the channel of Trump. I’m never a lesser-of-two-evils person, but with Hillary, there’s not even the same universe. I mean, she is an abject, psychopathic demon from hell. [Stone] Alex Jones is very important. I realize the elite media likes to call him a conspiracy theorist. I don’t like ’em putting chemicals in the water that turns the frickin’ frogs ! Do you understand that? [grunting] I’m sick of this crap! [Stone] He has a bully pulpit that allows him to reach millions of people, and they are Trump’s people. They are outsiders, skeptical about government, skeptical about the bullshit government is always trying to peddle you. Mexico is a globalist client state. And they teach ’em, “America belongs to you. You’re gonna get the gringo. Plan of San Diego.” Don’t know what that is? It’s a plan to take over in a race war and kill all whites below the age of . Sure it’s a non-elitist crowd, but they’re Americans and they vote. Tell us, Mr. Trump, about Mr. Stone, who helped get this interview set up. Well, Roger’s a good guy, and he is a patriot. He’s a tough cookie, but people like him. But he’s been so loyal and so wonderful. And thank God for the Breitbarts and the Daily Callers and the Townhalls and the and the so many alternative media sites where we can learn the truth and we can tell the truth and we can spread the truth. This is not conservatism as we have known it. This is not Republicanism as we have known it. These are racist ideas, race-baiting ideas, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-women. All key tenets making up the emerging racist ideology known as the alt-right. I think Trump should get more, you know, more, quote, “conspiratorial.” We created ISIS. The vacuum created by George W. Bush and then Hillary Clinton armed ISIS. ISIS is honoring President Obama. He is the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder of ISIS. I would say the cofounder would be Crooked Hillary Clinton, cofounder. I think it’s whatever Roger Stone e-mails Donald Trump in the middle of the night. He wakes up, and that’s their strategy. That’s right. [coughing] Excuse me. So go online and put down “Hillary Clinton illness.” Take a look at the videos for yourself. This fringe allegation that Hillary Clinton is not well, her health isn’t good, is something that we’re seeing more and more with Donald Trump supporters.

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