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Barbie Sweet Bride Dress up Adventure

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  • Barbie Sweet Bride Dress up Adventure

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    Barbie Sweet Bride Dress up Adventure Description

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    What do you mean? I mean he can lie with a perfectly straight face. What is that supposed to mean? I mean, what is he lying about, Tim? He lied about never having an affair. Last year, when his company used our firm and we took that trip to Chicago… When Ann was pregnant? We went out for dinner and a couple of women, Mike’s friends, met us. I didn’t do anything, just dinner and I left. But Mike hooked up with one of them and was gone all night. You let me go in that courtroom and give character testimony? Exactly why I didn’t say anything. Yeah, Mike cheated on Ann once. But that doesn’t mean he killed her. Look, you don’t think for a second… Kate, Mike did not kill Ann. We both know that. birds chirp doorbell rings Hey. Tim Hey. Have you seen the kids? Uh…Kate said she was taking them down to the park. Mike! I told Kate about Chicago. She’s pretty upset. door clicks closed background children’s voices Kate? sigh background children’s voices It was one night. Never happened again. Look, I know you got no reason to believe me, but… that’s the truth. Ellie… Let’s go home, honey. Daddy, I’m having fun. Can I stay with Aunt Kate? Sure. Mike. When Tim told me what you did, he also said that being unfaithful doesn’t make you a killer. He was right. Did Ann know? Katy, it was a mistake. I felt terrible about it. It never happened again. Did Tim do anything? Timmy’s true blue. He was uncomfortable even having dinner with us. Thank you for… for speaking today at my hearing. knock, knock, knock Mr. Harding What do you want? Mr. Harding, I’m a friend of your son Mike. Do you have a moment? Mr. Harding Get you a coffee or a soda? Kate No thank you. Don’t get many visitors. Friend of Mike’s, you say? Well… Thank you. How can I help you? Did you know Mike’s wife was murdered? No. Damn. Ann, was it? Never met the girl. Really? Why? Why what? Why did you never meet your son’s wife? He’s going to bring her here? Let me tell you something about Mike. The only thing the boy ever cared about was money.

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