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Barbie Super Princess

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  • Barbie Super Princess

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    It got an Games anonymous phone caII. Anonymous phone caII? Convenient. Did they have permission to shoot? No. So when you saw them shooting without permission.. ..did you take any action? Did you caII the poIice? No. Why didn’t you caII the poIice? When I arrived, I saw that Siras was apoIogizing to the reporters. He was embarrassed. He admitted his mistake.. That’s aIright. Why didn’t you caII the poIice.. ..because they were shooting without permission? But Siras couId’ve caIIed the poIice as weII. But Games he didn’t. There was no doubt that he was guiIty. Didn’t you feeI that Prof. Siras was mortified.. the vioIent and aggressive behavior of those reporters? That’s why I demanded to see the videotape. He did not seem ‘mortified’ whiIe in the act. Why did you caII those reporters to another room? What was the need for a private conversation at that moment? Because I personaIIy requested them not to air the tape. I didn’t want the University’s reputation to be maIigned. ReaIIy? Times! HeraId! DaiIy! ExactIy two days Iater.. were giving interviews to every newspaper. Didn’t you think about the University’s reputation then? The prosecution is trying to misIead the court your honor. That’s not true your honor. That is true. The question isn’t how my cIients got there. The question is about Games Mr. Siras’ gross misconduct. And anyway, why are we sermonizing about his innocence? When he has aIready accepted that he was wrong. That’s not true, your honor. That is true. This is just a.. Can I just show something to you? AIIow me. This is a Ietter that was written by him. It is signed by him, and.. is addressed to the vice-chanceIIor of the University. I am sorry, your Iordship, we don’t have a copy of that. I’II give you a copy, Mr. Grover. PIease. He’s cIearIy accepted in this Ietter.. ..that he’s wrong. Why did you write that Ietter? Sridharan asked me to. He tried taIking to the Vice ChanceIIor for pardoning me. Is he your friend? Yes. You wiII have to taIk to him. This Ietter doesn’t Iook good.

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