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Barbie Student Style 2

Barbie Student Style 2


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Barbie Student Style 2 Description

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Barbie Student Style 2 There’s only one man who can find my gold, and it’s not you. If you’re thinking about Arizona, I hanged him for murder today. Stop joking, Marshal. This guy’s not hanged that easy. If someone’s dangling from a rope feet above the ground game he’s a goner like every other jerk, even if his name is Arizona Colt. There’s someone who sure knows more about it than we do. Howdy Marshal! I’m really happy to see you again. I meet your volunteers who are riding their butts flat game in order to find Keene and his mates. They’re wasting their energy. We’ll find them sooner or later. They can’t have flown away. If they’ve flown away, I don’t know. But I do know that you’ll never find them. Did the holy Father tell you that? No, Arizona Colt told me that. Not a chance. He’s stopped working. Who? Who stopped working? Arizona Colt. He had his head turned by the pretty lady from the saloon. Understood? Listen, funnyman. Your Arizona Colt had his head turned by the rope. I’m offering him twice as much. I said I’m offering twice as much. But Arizona has to start right away. He didn’t say: “I’ll think about it.” He said: “No.” As soon as I return to the village, I’ll clarify that issue. Count on it. Keene also took my daughter. Somebody must help me! You still got the Marshal with his infallible gallows. But you did drink my whiskey, you damn dirty sponges! By the way, your whiskey is of miserable quality. That had to be said. Help! Let go of me! Careful! Careful! Or the bottle will break! Hey! No! Don’t empty it! It’s the last one. Damn bastard! It really is the last one if you don’t tell me where your annoying friend is. In paradise, in hell, how should I know? Stop it, you idiot! Two hours after the hanging, he saw you and Arizona together. Hey, are you a professional tattletale? You really are one pathetic worm! You damn fatman! He sent you to Moreno game to collect the advance for my head, right? No, I gave him his , dollars back game because Arizona doesn’t want to have anything to do with his problems. Really? Let him go! What a fall.

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