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Barbie skin mask Adventure

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  • Barbie skin mask Adventure

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    Barbie skin mask Adventure Description

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    and prove to them that he’s just another boy! Are you looking for someone? What.? You! l’m looking foryou! Where do you keep disappearing? Why don’t you appear before others as you appear before me? And that stupid Bahadur keeps telling them that you’re a ghost! You. you’re not Kalicharan, are you? You’re human, aren’t you? Why are you kids giggling ? Who are you talking to, aunty? Aunty.? Firstly you call me aunty and then you ask who l am speaking to? l’m talking to this boy! Which Boy? Can’t you see this boy here.? That’s a lamppost there, not a Boy, That’s a boy Lamppost Boy! Lamppost! Shut up! One moment. Please Listen. What do you see there? A boy? Or a lamppost? Well. there’s neither a boy there nor a lamppost. Look carefully. What happened.? l’m feeling giddy. You seem unwell My house is nearby. come rest there for a while l’ll get you a glass of water Okay! Why’s his picture garlanded? My son. He died years ago But how’s that possible.? Moments ago, l. lt’s a tragic tale that took place

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