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Barbie School Adventure

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  • Barbie School Adventure

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    I had work for Steve about two years, a most, before we did ” e Mans.” I was invo v more with the car racing and other persona matters. I had dinner together with Steve, and the count and the countess from whom he rent this cast e in which he was iving. He wou d drive me home. It was ike :, o’c ock in the morning. And Steve comes into my room and says, come on. We’ve got to go. Where are we going? Why don’t we go tomorrow? I’m tired. I haven’t s ept. He to d me to screw myse f and said, what are you worri about? You’re on y. You’ s eep when you die. I never knew her name. I never got introduced. And it wasn’t just any night. It was my first night arriving in France. I sat down next to him in the front seat. Steve was not driving a Porsche. He was driving a Peugeot, or something ike that. MAN: He was driving ike a maniac, and it start to rain. And I keep te ing him to s ow down, and he keeps te ing me to shut up. Sudden y, there was a curve. [Brakes screeching] [Cutting noise] He drove at the side, and we ro over the fie d. [C unking noises] Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Radio I remember them smashing their heads into the windshie d. I went f ying. I remember ooking at my arm, ho ding on, as we’re crashing down, and it just broke. I cou d see it snap. I was just out. [Whist ing] Tss Radio And I remember reaching up, and opening the door, and pushing the door open, and cut. Steve thought that I was dead, because I was ying there. The water, the ight rain, woke him up. And he said, what the happened? Ho y. What have I done? Oh my god, she’s dead! Is she dead? And of course, my arm’s ike this. It’s just hanging. And she comes to. She seem OK, not too bad. He didn’t have a scratch. They didn’t ca an ambu ance, because they didn’t want this to get officia , of course. We saw a itt e farmhouse. Steve says, there’s a car there. et’s go hot wire it. And a of a sudden, we hear the dogs barking. And this French guys comes out in pajamas, and he’s got a shotgun, an o d, big gun in his hand. And he’s screaming in French something Radio

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