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Barbie’s Kittens

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    Lindsay, sweetie, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Screaming Shrieks Cell phone ringing man Hey, I got the stuff. I got to call you back, man. Groans Ow! Both screaming I think I better go. Really? How about tomorrow? You busy? Screaming I’m going to blow you across the room. Sounds awesome. Hisses Grunts Narrator And thus our story begins. The large reward offered for the rescue of Charlie’s kids drew the attention of police, private detectives and Red Cross volunteers. Everyone was on high alert for these children, except these two guys. No, man, Obamacare gives senior citizens access to cheaper drugs, free preventative care, and it closes the Medicare Part D loophole. And how does that help if I get shampoo in my dick hole? What? Mean to tell me you ain’t never got shampoo in your pee hole? OK. Maybe like once or twice. Yeah, once or twice when you was playing with yourself. No, I wasn’t playing with myself. I was showering, and crazy got up in there. Bullshit. Cam Newton’s law of gravity is: That thing must be up in order for that soap to go down. Well, either way, that shit stings like hell. Sting like a mother, man, it feel like it’s a hornet up in there. And he found out his girl be, you know, doing her thing with another man. Exactly. I don’t understand why the shampoo company can’t fix that, man. They got “No More Tears.” Why they can’t make no more hornets in your dick? I don’t really think they expect you to use the No More Tears on your dick. Well, why they call it Johnson & Johnson? I got a better question, man. What the hell are two stoners doing wandering around these spookyass woods? Look, it’s going to be worth it. I told you… this is Humboldt County. This is where all the growers grow their bombass shit. You think they’re gonna be cool with us just helping ourselves? Look, Barbie’s Kittens we ain’t taking no plants. We’re gonna snip a few buds. Barbie’s Kittens You know what I’m saying? It’s gonna grow back just like a lobster paw. You know, that’s how nature do.

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