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Barbie Rumba Dancer

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  • Barbie Rumba Dancer

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    Barbie Rumba Dancer Description

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    Barbie Rumba Dancer wait! Mittens, wait! We’d better get adopted to some really nice homes, game. I mean, come on! You look over there! Guys, a little privacy? Oh, sorry. Oh, um game Don’t listen to me go! Never mind. Just gonna go over here. Guys, you should take a look at this. We’re on a house. Heads up Mittens. We’re coming down too. Ugh! This place gives me the creeps! Hairball, a litter box gives you the creeps. Whoa! Look at this tree! Hide! Someone’s coming! What was that? I don’t know. Hello! Oh, God! It’s just a nice little girl, guys. You’re not game! And you’re not little. But you are cute. She’s starting to freak me out. Are you thirsty? Could I get a cheeseburger? I’ll get you some water. I thought she’d never leave. Okay, we’ve gotta get out of here. Yeah, let’s just leave the present and skedaddle. You guys, she could be the one, the one that’ll take care of us. Yeah, maybe if you want to end up with a missing eyeball or tail. Did you see those pigtails? I’m back! I brought you some water. And my cheeseburger? I have a bad feeling about this. Come here, kitties. Patches, no! Kitty, come here! Patches! Ah, that’s much better. He’s doomed. You can live with me now. We’ll be best friends. We don’t have time for this. We have a schedule to keep. And still have a lot of presents to be delivered. We need Patches. We must do something. Let’s dress you up. Nope. Nope. Nope. That one’s horrible. What’s she doing to him? Listen. I have a plan, but you’re gonna have to trust me. Perfect! Hey! Ow! Aww. Poor kitty is sick. Kill me. Oh, no! My other babies are sick, too! You guys need rest. Two of you have been sick, and one of you has been a very naughty kitty. This is humiliating! But I still love you. Come on, Pedro. Good night, my kitties! Oh, guys, a little help, please? I think you look cute. Okay, not funny, guys. I think she’s asleep. Maybe we should stay. She seems to really like us. I’m a prisoner. Get out! Okay, let’s make a break for it! Run! Run! Run! Run! Where are you going, my kitties? Run! Run! Run! Run! Get back here!

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