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Barbie Real Make up Time

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    Brigsby’s just come back from the beaches of Inra. Lands there. We spin into it. We’ll hear the transponder Yeah, so I’ll take two shots? Two static. One with you in and one without? JAMES: So, I’m gonna spin into it. Give me an “Action.” SPENCE: All right. Action! ALL LAUGH James. Oh, my God. What’s the issue? AUBREY: Brigsby’s eye is gone. Oh, no! You’re blind right now, dude. He can’t even see right now! How is he supposed to travel inter-dimensionally if he can’t even see where he’s going? Um, I got it. I got it. Come over here. Let me fix this. Get him on Ta-da! There you go. Perfect. Now he can see. Exactly. Now he can transport inter-dimensionally From the beaches of Inra. Exactly. Good job, man. Good job, man. Thanks. All right, thanks. All right, let’s go. These flowers are everywhere. They’re so pretty. Hey, guys, it’s right over here. Let’s go. Come on, dude. I’m coming. Hey, Merideth. Can we talk for a second? Sure, what’s up? Maybe we can go for a walk. Oh, okay. First of all, I think that you’re so great. Thanks, man. I think you’re chill, too. Thanks. And, um, I thought the party was really fun. Yeah, you were wasted. Yeah. Um Listen, this is kind of hard for me because I know that we both really liked touching each other’s bodies and doing type stuff. Mmm-hmm. But, um I don’t think I can marry you. CHUCKLES Yeah, for sure. Wait. So, you’re okay with that? Yeah, of course. I’m never getting married. My parents are so messed up and sad. Really? That’s great. I was so nervous. Thank you. I was like, “Am I going to have to get married to her?” But I’m still also totally into doing that other stuff we did, too. Yeah, not a chance. Okay. AUBREY: Hey, James. Hey. Hey, you wanna try that? MUSIC PLAYING ON SPEAKERS Was it this song? I don’t think so, but I do I like this. Okay. That sounds good to me. What about this one? UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING Yes! That’s it right there. Dude, I’m obsessed with this song. I’ll make you a playlist. What? I’ve always wanted that, and I’m going to get one? Yeah, dude.

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