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Barbie Puss in Boots

Barbie Puss in Boots


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Barbie Puss in Boots Description

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we’ll try something else. Wait, I’m nearly there. Ken, don’t do it! No! No, Ken, don’t! I’ve got it! I’ve got it! God. OK, what’s it got? IV fluids. Some dressings. Two sticks of morphine. That’s it. Er, tourniquet. Has it got a tourniquet? No, no. That’s all there is. Ken, listen to me. You need to get those dressings to Mark’s chest. Yeah, you need to make your way over there. Now, Ken. OK. OK. OK. OK, I’m here. I’m here. Right then Game I want you to use a rifle sling to tourniquet his arm, yeah? And that’ll stop the bleeding. Alright? Ken, catch. OK Game OK. That’s it, tourniquet his arm. And try to cannulate and get some IVs into him. That’s it, tourniquet his arm. Yeah. No, just stop. Mark. Mark, I’ve got to! You need to try to cannulate. Mark! Just a circle, mucker. Tie it in a circle and put it round his arm, alright mate? Put it round his arm and tie it tight, it’ll stop the bleeding. Nobody’s asking you to do open heart surgery, Ken. Where, Prosser! Where do you want me to tie it? His arm is barely hanging on! Mark, please. Please, Mark, please. off! Someone get me out. hell. Yeah, yeah, yeah, alright, alright, Ken, Ken, Ken. Just forget the tourniquet. Use the t-shirt, plug the hole. OK, let me Game Mark, stop. Mark. Prosser. Where’s the Motorola? stop, mate! OK, OK, OK. Must have gone up with Mark. Ken. Ken, look at me. You’re doing a great job, alright mucker. hell! wait. Sit, sit down. Tug. If you get yourself pinged halfway we’ve got ourselves a whole new nightmare. But I’m the only Game I’m the only medic and this is the only med kit. You were just telling Smudge not to be a dick, right don’t do anything . Yeah, but this is . It is a bit . Yeah but I’ve got a plan. Listen, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Woah, woah, woah. Easy, mate, what is it? Come on. What’s up. It’s my lung. hell. You’re supposed to land on the thing. off. OK. OK. OK Game OK. OK. That’s much better. off! OK. OK, now. OK. OK. OK Game Come on you pussy. hell. What are you doing, Tug? You can shut up, Mark. Before I change my mind.

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