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Barbie Prom Princess

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  • Barbie Prom Princess

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    Barbie Prom Princess Description

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    Barbie Prom Princess Thanks for clearing that up, kid. Knife! Marv Bernini, huh? And one fine coat it is. Somebody must’ve spent a fortune on it. I wonder who. And while I’m at it, where the heck did I get these gloves? I can’t remember for the life of me. sirens wailing in distance cards shuffling Poker. Savage power in gentlemen’s hands. It’s a good game. Now, who wants to play? Johnny Sin City’s where you go in with your eyes open game Or you don’t come out at all. But a city’s like a woman or a casino. Somebody’s gonna win, and it’s gonna be me. It’s the kind of place your father doesn’t want to talk about. But where I come from, a father is a thing no one seems to be able to find. tires screech crowd cheering I was feeling lucky. I’d won money in joints all over town, and I finally made it to Kadie’s game game where the real score is. What happened to the show? crowd talking loudly How’s tricks, stranger? Heads or tails? Heads. That’s a trick. That won’t get you anywhere. chuckles slot machine chiming Follow the shiny object. Where’d you come from, handsome? Do me a favor and blow on this. Does Lady Luck have a name? Marcie. Lucky man. Every time, ma’am. Now where’s the real action? Baby, you don’t want to know. I do want to know. Whatever you say, boss. Back of the bar. It’s your funeral. They’ll eat you alive back there. I’m a pretty tough chew. Come on. Would you kiss it this time? Marcie shrieks Oh, my God! Hey there, Marcie. Yeah? You want to go make some real money? Yeah. man I’ll check. I’ll bet $. Good night. I’ll play man I’ll fold. Who’s the slicker? I busted this one for craps over at Josie’s once. He paid up. He’s okay. Whatever you do, kid, don’t win too much. I never lose. men laugh What’s with bringing a frail in here? This is my good luck charm. Besides, I’m heading to make a pretty nice dime tonight. Got to have someone to spend it on, right? Sylvio, let our young friend here do the honors. Cut. chuckles This boy’s good. crowd chanting Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! And the dealer will take two.

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