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Barbie Night Fairy Fun

Barbie Night Fairy Fun


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Barbie Night Fairy Fun Description

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Heard you screaming all the way from the top, you big homo. Aye. All I heard was ‘My leg! My leg.’ I thought to myself, here I know that big poofy voice. You reckon I’ll still be alright for selection, mucker? Course you will, buddy, alright. You’re gonna be fine. I was joking, mate. Just sit tight, alright? We’re gonna get you out of here. Hey. You alright, yeah? Maybe we can carry him up? I don’t know, mate. We need to keep him level. One times P one casualty. ZAP Hotel Zero Nine Eight Three. Winch required. Kilo Two to Kilo Five. Hello Kilo Five, it’s Kilo Two. piece of shit. What’s happening? Stu Hale went on a patrol. Think he trod on a mine. Where? Down the wadi. Stu Pearson took Smudge to check him out. There’s no comms on the ground. What’s that? ‘I. Am. .’ Jar Head, mate, now’s not the time. Oi, Smudger. You couldn’t check my prick for me, mucker? Yeah, it’s alright. It’s still there, still tiny. Give us a fag, would you. Watch your step, mate. There’s mines. I’ve got a med kit. Oi, follow our line in, mush. Yeah, you got it. Rescue party’s come down from Athens. Mark’s got a stretcher. me! How you doing? Yeah, no drama, mate. It’s still bleeding. I got another tourniquet. Hold on, Stu, yeah. Hold on, mate. Right, ju Game Hey, give me a second, right. Now, hold on. Hold on, mate. ! Game you! Well done. Well done, mate. Nearest secure HLS is Lancaster. No emergency HLS identified at this time. Winch requested. Over. Can casualty be extracted to HLS? Over. Unknown. Winch requested. Over. Wait out. Heard you needed comms. Eight eight. How many have you got? Er. Two more. You stay here. Give me the comms. I’ll take one up to Normandy, put the other on the ground with the medic. Right, I’m Kilo Five Alpha. Kilo Five Bravo, in the wadi. Normandy stays Kilo Two. Alright, let’s go, come on. Yeah. You’re doing brilliant, buddy. You’re doing absolutely brilliant, alright? Keep the leg still, yeah? Any of youse know how to cannulate? Glad you could join us, Tug. I’m faster downhill. Game Follow the line in, Mark.

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