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Barbie Make Up Time

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  • Barbie Make Up Time

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    Barbie Make Up Time Description

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    I don’t think it’s– Uh, no, okay, you caught me. I just– I wanted to get a head start. I’ll pay the fine. Ma’am, we got a report of a loud noise coming from the island. We tried to reach the ranger but couldn’t get through. I don’t know. I haven’t seen anybody yet. CLAY: Hey! Shoot her! Shoot her! Shoot her! What the hell? yourself. CLAY: Shoot her! [BOTH GRUNTING] . Kayla, meet me at the pickup site. I’ve got the package. Be convincing. Sounds good. I, uh, took care of our friend. Let’s get out of here. Very nice. Good. Good work. Oh. I’m not done yet. This is a Magpul ACR. It works after being submerged in water hours, days, even weeks. You’re great. Come on. We’re done here. You’re gonna turn the key, drive to shore. I’m gonna get Kayla, and we’re getting out of here. You look at me funny and you die. Oh, you’re the boss. XANDER: So remind me, what are we doing here? The cops are here. We’re gonna hand over the drugs, and you’re going to jail. You got it? [BOAT CREAKING] You mean those cops? All right, move it. KAYLA: Henry? Henry! Hey, shut up! Thank God, Henry, you have to help me. Henry, she’s with him. No, I’m not! She is with Xander. Keep moving. Keep going. CLAY: Shut up! Clay, what are you doing? KAYLA: He’s gonna kill me! CLAY: Shut up! KAYLA: You have to help me, Henry! He’s crazy! He’s crazy! CLAY: Shut up! I am not lying to you. Do not point that gun at me. KAYLA: Don’t let him hurt me! Don’t let him hurt me, Henry, please! CLAY: Listen, do not point that gun at me. Listen to me, okay? KAYLA: He’s crazy! He’s crazy! She- [ALL GRUNTING] Hey! You want this, huh? You want this? Come on. You up, baby. That’s not good. Henry. [XANDER COUGHS] You know, Mr. Taylor game game most people never use all five senses at once. Me? I use everything I’ve got. That’s why I’m better. That’s my edge. Oh, we get to play in trees. I’m coming, Mr. Taylor. [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] There’s no shame in defeat. Sleep, my child. Sleep. [BRANCH CRACKS] [GRUNTS] [ENGINE STARTS] You gotta be kidding me. [GRUNTING]

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