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Barbie Love 3

Barbie Love 3


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Barbie Love 3 Description

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Barbie Love 3 followers Who were referred to As ‘the poor of Lyons’ or Waldensians. Peter Waldo, by conventional scholarship, Is the founder of the Waldenses, A group of bibleBelieving individuals Living in France and Italy. He was a catholic layman who became inspired By the preaching regarding the early church And he started a group of traveling preachers Who would teach the gospel. He spoke against transubstantiation and the mass, Although there are some Waldenses who seem to go to mass And then do their own worships as well. Once officiallyTrained inquisitors are out in Europe, They start finding people whom they start calling ‘Waldenses’ Or followers of Valdes all over the place. So sprinkled across Europe You get these little cells of communities of people Where laypeople are mostly, Let’s be honest, they’re mostly going to catholic churches Most of the year. But once or twice a year, maybe every year or , They will have a traveling team of Waldensian pastors Who will arrive and talk to them. Everywhere he went Peter Waldo saw people hungering for truth. He believed that there was a famine in the land For the word of god, so Waldo paid a cleric To assist him in translating the new testament Into the Franco vernacular. The story is that Valdes commissioned two learned, Religious people in Lyons To prepare a translation of part of the bible And some sayings of the fathers Into the vernacular language. Something between French and Provencal It’s really kind of hard to describe But it seems to have established a tradition That the Waldensian communities Would try to acquire copies of scripture In the common language of the people. And they would carry scriptures around with them. They would act as merchants and traders, Share the scriptures with the people where they went. There’s even references to them sending their young people To the great universities and colleges of the land So they could share their faith there And also gain an understanding of contemporary theology And use it to reach out to the larger community.

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