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Barbie Knight Cute Princess Adventure

Barbie Knight Cute Princess Adventure


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Barbie Knight Cute Princess Adventure Description

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a forgotten world. You, Brigsby Bear, are the chosen one. You are our last hope. Our keeper of the light! Cut. Wow. Perfect. Yeah. Thank you, Detective Vogel. That was amazing. We’re moving on No, can I try another one? I I think, um, maybe I could bring it to another level. Really, another one? I don’t know I could try something. Okay, just don’t break any sacred codes of Bandith culture. Okay. I don’t know what those are. It’s a distinct set of laws that the Bandith follow. It’s kind of their way of life. VOGEL CLEARS THROAT SPENCE: We’re rolling. I’m not ready. Okay. Take your time. BRIGSBY: Your magical powers are getting stronger by the day, Smile Sisters! Soon we will be strong enough to kill Sun Snatcher. That’s right. But first we have to make our physical body strong. Ready, everyone? MUSIC PLAYING And one, and lunge, and two, and remember, when you sweat, that’s just your body flushing poison from your brain. And hop. Not bad. Good aim. Here wait. I’ve got an idea. We can make it a lot easier. Ha! Like that. And we can do slam dunks. Alley-oop! Hmm? I’m open. Here. Throw me the ball. LAUGHS Okay, darn it. I’m okay. Here. Your turn. Actually, I’m pretty busy with my movie today. Hey, you can take a break, right? I mean, you’ve been working real hard. It might be fun to just hang out, you and me. No, thanks. Thank you, though. SPENCE: I’m pretty sure I’ve been there. MERIDETH: What, the ocean? AUBREY: A nondescript body of water. SPENCE: Oh, no. I might be making that up. Hello, Merideth. Hey, what’s up, man? Not much, man. So, what are you guys doing? SPENCE: Good question. We’re actually going to go filming but then we’re going to go hiking and camping. We’re going to a real mountain. You guys should come. I don’t know. SPENCE: Come on. It’ll be fun. You could, you know, be staff master. This is kind of cool. I got drinks. Logan is bringing weed. It’s going to be so much fun. And it’s also going to be dope as shit. ALL LAUGHING INDISTINCT CHATTER Okay, one, two, three. Spencer, let’s do the transporter thing right here.

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