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Barbie Knight Cute Princess 2

Barbie Knight Cute Princess 2


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Barbie Knight Cute Princess 2 Description

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Barbie Knight Cute Princess 2 Oh, I suppose the river would be better than that, huh? Yeah, I thought of that too. I was down there this afternoon, but.. I was afraid. How are you ever going to get anywhere if you are afraid of everything? I guess I just won’t get anywhere. You’re not eating. Nah, I ain’t hungry. Have you ever been hungry? Nobody ever has to be hungry anywhere. That’s alright for you to say. You’re rich. Call the manager. Anything wrong sir? No, no, no. Everything’s fine. I just want to talk to him minute. Yes, sir. You know you should never ought to skip meals. That’s the best food every I ate. I feel better now. You look better too. If you fell down here at night, you’d get by in a crowd at that. You can’t help the way you’re made. Why can’t you? You wish to see me? Yeah, yeah, Sit down. There’s million people in this country without work. Did you know that? Yes. Yeah, and a lot of them are starving, so they tell me. Now take this young lady here, for instance. Up until an hour ago, she hadn’t eaten for two days. She was starving. I brought her in here and fixed her up. Feels swell, now. Says it’s the best food she ever ate. Well, I’m glad to hear that. Thank you. Yeah, the funny part of it is, she ain’t got a dime. And neither have I. So the feed is on you, brother. Now.. there are lots of ways to handle a case like this. You can call in the cops and have the two of us thrown into the can. They’ll send us up to Island and we’ll be fed by the state for days, at least. But the more lags the state has to feed, the more taxes you guys have to pay. Is this your idea of a joke? Now, wait a minute! This is a joint that throws out enough leftover grub to feed a thousand people. You can afford one on the house once in a while. Well, am I right or wrong? I’ll tell you what I’ll do with you. I’ll put it up to your own customers right here in this place. I’ll ask them if it’s right to let somebody die of hunger right outside your place. And if they say I’m wrong I’ll admit it. Ladies and gentlemen! According to the newspapers the banks in this country are full of gold.

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