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Barbie In The Name Of The Queen

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  • Barbie In The Name Of The Queen

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    Barbie In The Name Of The Queen Description

    Barbie In The Name Of The Queen, Barbie In The Name Of The Queen Game, Play Barbie In The Name Of The Queen Games

    But I can’t let her undress here. Why not? They’re also in bathing suits. Hold the door so that nobody comes in. Continue. You told her to bring a bathing suit? Tell me, miss, who told you to bring a bathing suit? Nobody. Girls, nobody told you to bring a bathing suit? Why didn’t you tell the others to? Nobody told us anything. Miss, step a little further back, will you? Yes, further. further, further, further. Stop. That will do Try to hold a pose. Try something else. Miss, you over there. Stand next to her. Take the same pose as her. That bathing suit looks much better, but everyone should have one. There’s something quite different about that bathing suit Barbie Games All right, all right. Go back to your places. And now you can continue practicing your march. Girls, attention! Left! Left! Left! Left! A bit lively! Look at me, damn it! Well, girls, smile, look happy, happy Barbie Games Happy, happy, one, two, one, two Barbie Games And smile Barbie Games happily, smile. Smile, girls. Left, left, smile. Send a kiss to the audience. Damn it, girls, a kiss Barbie Games there! A nice kiss. A kiss, kiss, well, you know how. One two, one two, Barbie Games Nice, girls! Get dressed, quickly. Take your places like before. Hurry up, hurry up, I tell you! Hurry Barbie Games Jesus Christ Barbie Games Come in! Come in! What are you doing here? Where did you leave that old woman? Zeminek took her from me. You are such an idiot, such an idiot. Me again? Me again? And now, at last, the long awaited moment has come. We shall now elect the beauty queen. She will then hand over an honorary present to our former chairman. Now I ask the chosen candidates to come to the stage. Music! I tell you, I tell you, keep calm. Stand here. I’ll tell you when to go. Comrade candidates, please come up here to the stage. What’s the matter with those girls? I don’t know. Where are they? Is somebody going to come up here? Ruzena! Stop this nonsense! Come up here! Girls! Clap your hands, mother! Please don’t clap.

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