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Barbie Greek Princess Time

Barbie Greek Princess Time


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Barbie Greek Princess Time Description

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You won’t mind if I borrow my date for a while, will you? Not at all. Not at all. It’s a pleasure. Pleasure. Sorry about my old man. Let’s just get out of here now. Billy Games Billy, stop it! I mean it! What is it with you, Maureen? You said you wanted to leave the dance, we left the dance. I thought you wanted us to be alone. I wanted to get away. I was tired of being manhandled. Can’t you just hold me a little, Billy? I don’t think so, Maureen. I don’t think anybody can just hold you a little. What do you want from me? I don’t know. I don’t know, either and it’s bothering me. It’s bothering me, too. Believe me. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t either. Do you ever feel like there’s something missing? Like there’s something that you’ve been waiting for all your life and you wonder whether you’ll ever have it? I’m feeling like that right now. I think love should be so beautiful. And powerful. I want to be swept away by love. Oh, Billy. Billy, what are you doing? Maureen, please. I have to go home now. No, you don’t. We have a whole hour. No, I have to go now! (GROANING) What are you trying to do to me, Maureen? There are plenty of girls who’d be dying to be in your spot. Billy, I want to go home! If I take you home now, I won’t be back. All right. It’s probably for the best. (TIRES SQUEAL) Good night, Mama. Good night, Daddy. Good night. ELVIS: Well, that’s all right, my mama That’s all right for you That’s all right, my mama Just any way you do Well, that’s all right That’s all right That’s all right, my mama Any way you do Well, Mama, she done told me Papa done told me too Son, that gal you’re fooling with She ain’t no good for you But that’s all right That’s all right That’s all right, my mama Any way you do (BOYS YELLING) Rob! Dennis! Cut that jack-assin’ around and get that stuff over here! Aah! Anything for me? Not much here but flyers and bills. Your friends will get around to writing. Yeah, sure, when they have time. Now, you’re not going to be lonely forever. Once school starts, you’ll be making new friends, playing football. Then you’ll be the one who doesn’t have time to write. I don’t think I’ll be playing much football. You’ll get this place under control. We do what we have to do, son. You got too much of your daddy in you to let this job be bigger than you are. We have to find a way to get a tractor. Well, maybe we can find a secondhand one that’ll run. Can we afford it? Nope. But we can’t afford not to, either. (HUMMING) ABBY: Cut some beans for Mama. (SINGING) That’s all right That’s all right (HUMMING) I’m going to the library. That would be my guess. Here. What has come over her? ABBY: I don’t know. That’s all right Yaaa! (SPLASH) Hey! Hey yourself. Come on in. You just going to stand there all day, or what? Come up and jump with me. All right. So you do own a bathing suit. You ready? Sure. Just hold on, okay? Okay. One Games Two Games Three Games Go! Aah! (HUMMING) Maureen? What’s it like to kiss a boy? It depends on the boy. Are you talking about anybody in particular? I was just asking a question.

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