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Barbie Graduation Party

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  • Barbie Graduation Party

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    Barbie Graduation Party Description

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    Barbie Graduation Party Holy shit. I thought you were ing dead. What happened? Um, the scope exploded, you went down, the whole ing place went berserk. But don’t worry, I got us out of there. I got us out of there before anybody could touch us. What about the scope? I got the goods. I got the goods right here. You okay? He’s alive. What? Curtis. I saw him. Where? Somewhere. I I don’t know. Look, you took a big shock to the system, okay? You’re not thinking right. Why don’t you just take a nap? I’ve been somewhere. Danny, I’ve seen something I can’t explain. Settle down, all right? Shafer was right. Shafer? What do you mean? The Teslascope. It has the power to change people. Danny, it’s changed me. Honestly, bro, sounds to me like you’re having a psychotic break. I mean, you’re drinking your own KoolAid here, man. No. No, I’m not crazy. This is real. All right, well, let me ask you this. If this is so real, I’ve been around the scope almost as much as you. How come I can’t see this big high dimension? I don’t know. Maybe you’re not ready for it. So you’re telling me that music from this microwave over here is gonna make everybody all starryeyed and see rainbows and unicorns and shit? I don’t need you to believe me. I need you to help me finish it. If he was right about the scope, why not let Shafer protect it? No, I can’t. I need to finish this. I need to put this out there. Shafer will keep it for himself. What if I told you he offered seven figures? What? Onepointthree mil for the scope, as is. You did a deal behind my back? Dude, it’s a nobrainer. That thing is way too much trouble, and a million bucks is too much money to around. We’re getting rid of that thing. Danny. I can’t let that happen. No, it’s happening. It’s happening right now. It’s a done deal, okay? How do you think I got the muscle to get us out of there? Hey, hey, hey, I understand. What? I understand why you want to sell the scope. But, Danny, we’re not dealing with this guy. Send him away. You’re a ing piece of work, you know that? Is there a problem? No, man, there’s no problem.

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