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Barbie Graduation Party Dressup

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  • Barbie Graduation Party Dressup

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    Barbie Graduation Party Dressup Description

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    We’ll find out, we’ll find out. But how will you find out who it was? Everyone’s gone. Wait a minute, boys, wait a minute. We must consider that everyone at our ball bought at least one ticket. There is no thief without a ticket. Yes, that’s where we must start, that’s it. Alright, we’ll start from there, but the people are waiting there so we have to tell them. What do you want to tell them? I don’t know what you would tell them. You remind me of Jesus Christ. You want to explain something to somebody all the time! The lottery is gone. All the people were there. Everyone is under suspicion, so they should keep their mouths shut. And that’s important, that all of them are under suspicion. That is not true! That is not true! But there is something to it. True, true. It’s not true. Alright, but somebody must tell them, damn it. What should we tell them? That they are all under suspicion. Guys, I don’t know about you. I could tell them myself that it’s nothing, but I think it’s pointless. I don’t know. Pointless? Well Barbie Games no point to it. The people know well enough, if they took it that they couldn’t win it and they also know that they are all under suspicion. People are not stupid. No, they are not stupid. Gentlemen, don’t underestimate those people. Don’t underestimate them. We must trust the people. Yes, not underestimate. We must trust the people. Really Barbie Games I’d prefer five fires to that. Why did that fool return this headcheese? Why? Stop it! Stop it! Quiet. Wait! What is it? Quiet. What is this? Quiet! Somebody go and have a look. Chairman, you must forgive us for coming a little late. But you know Barbie Games after the fire Barbie Games But all the more if it comes from our hearts, right boys? I give you the present you justly deserve. Please, take it. Friends, I would like to thank the fire brigade of which I have been the chairman for many years Barbie Games I would like to thank all of you for this present and honor.

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