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Barbie getting married

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    Let’s go! Or they’ll send in the National Guard. Mmm? There isn’t a single soul here. It’s perfect. “Too much silence could lead to violence.” Who dares to disrupt me slumber? Scat! Look out! Scat, ye scallywags! Run for cover! Jump! Run! Run! Hide here and keep quiet. You can’t escape from me! I’m hungrier than a stinkin’ cannibal, so get over here, ya filthy cockroaches. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Quick, over there! Wait up. Don’t leave me behind. Where are you going? It’s so dark down there! Someone dropped their wrapper. Surprise! Oh, no! My bandage! Dixie, look! I have an idea! Cut the bandage and let’s jump out that window. Argh! Fire away! Dead men tell no tales! Cut the bone chatter or he’ll find us. Stay put. Where are you going? I know you’re here! What? Who are you? Scallywags Game Nothing like some pepper to get rid of unwanted guests. What are you doing here? Hidin’ meself from the dark angels. This farm’s like me galleon vessel. Packed with cannons and disguises for battle. Like this little device that was hidden up your sleeve? Mmm. Why were you trying to burn us alive? I thought Nebulosa sent you. Her scurvy dogs stole all the zombies from me cemetery in a wicked ambush. I think you’re lying! What about you? I’m a good hider. What’s your name? Gonner. Well Game You should come with us now. Ugh! Hold on a sec, best friend. Are you crazy? Isis. He has nobody. Dixie, ahoy? He’s a pirate. Look at him. He’s harmless. What? He tried to set us on fire! Oh, no! The full moon is affecting your brain. You’re not thinking straight. He’s a boy! And what’s so bad about that? You can’t trust them, they have no common sense, they’re heartless and, ugh, they smell awful. Oh. It’s not like we smell like roses, you know. And, it’s been said, that redheads bring bad luck for as many days as the number of buttons on your shirt. But you don’t have a shirt on, or buttons for that matter. Games Oh. Games Where are ye goin’? Don’t even tell him! Games We’re looking for Vitriol.

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