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Barbie Fast Dress Up

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  • Barbie  Fast Dress Up

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    Why does Billings think it was you? I know a couple things. First, they found the Frankenstein costume with Ann’s blood on it in a dumpster, apparently half way between my house and my office. Billings thinks that you went home, put on a costume, killed Ann and then went back so that you could be at work when I called you. That’s ludicrous. What else? Mike Her life insurance policy. Apparently that gives me motive. Tim That was Ann’s idea. I remember talking to her about it when Ellie was just a baby. I know, I know, Tim. I’m just telling you what they think. All right, when will we know if they have anything else? McGuire’s working on that now. Strictly speaking we should hear, uh… for the first time at the hearing. There’s nothing else. There’s… There’s nothing. Richard, I… I… I don’t know. I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys supporting me. Mike, we’re here for you. Thank you. We have to get going. McGuire At the least, I’d like one of you to give character witness at the hearing. Well, I think Kate would make more of an impression than me. I agree. As Ann’s best friend I think she’d be very effective. Kate? Sure. What would I say? They’ll be wanting a sense of Mike’s character. Who he is, how you perceived their marriage. The kind of things that can’t be written down in black and white. Can you do that? Sure. McGuire All right. Let’s take a look at what Billings has. They feel they have motive. Mike is the beneficiary of a life insurance policy on Ann, taken out at the time of Ellie’s birth, $,. Can you think of anything else that Billings could come up with? Like what? McGuire Were you having problems in your marriage? No…I mean, it wasn’t sunshine and flowers every day, but what marriage is? Ann and I had a good marriage. We loved each other. Did you ever have an affair? Is that what they’re implying? No, no, these are just obvious areas that Billings will pursue. No. No. I’m not having an affair. I’ve never had an affair. Good. Billings will make the case that you had the opportunity.

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