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Barbie Elegance Dress Up

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  • Barbie Elegance Dress Up

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    Barbie Elegance Dress Up Move quickly, Daniel. You’re losing your grip. The clock is ticktickticking. Are you kidding me right now? Why would you turn down an offer like that? that guy. He thinks he can own the world. He can’t own The Bug. He doesn’t give a shit about The Bug. All he wants to do is buy the scope. I give you our future on a silver platter, and you throw it in my face? Yeah, what about Curtis? What about Curtis? We’re the ones who made the scope a thing, not him. The Scope is his. We’re not gonna sell it out from under him. Ever stop and think maybe Curtis is actually in trouble? Are you kidding me right now? What the is it with you and this kid, man? He’s a means to an end, all right? Now, look, I’m just following your lead. You don’t hear it? Hear what? It’s not just music, man. I hear music. I hear great ing music. What are you hearing? I don’t know. Twice now, I’ve seen it. It’s always out in the crowd, watching me, man. What, like a ghost? B, now you’re telling me you saw a ghost. Okay, you drink, you do drugs, you get in your groove up there, you’re supposed to see shit, okay? I see shit, man. Stars, ecstasy, naked titties. It’s a ing rave. Trust me, bro. Trust me. We sell that thing, man, you’re gonna see even better shit, okay? Come on. Give it back, man. Give it back! What the was that? Oh, Jesus, Danny. The scope. Oh, . No, that’s Curtis. You see? You see? What did I tell you? If he can’t have the scope, nobody else can, the little shit. Well, looks like he left, came back with friends. All right, who the hell are these guys? Maybe They, the guys Curtis was talking about. What happened? Shh, shh. Shh. They’re looking for something. Oh, my God. What the ? These guys are ed up. Oh, my God. We gotta call our lawyer. I’m on it. All right, and thank you so much. Okay. All right, bye. All right, that was the lawyer. He said give it a beat, see if our boy Curtis Garret shows up. After hours, we could file a missing person report, or we could drop the whole thing. Drop it? Hmm. They took him. We have the footage. Why aren’t we calling the police?

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