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Barbie Cute Kiss Time

Barbie Cute Kiss Time


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Barbie Cute Kiss Time Description

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Yes, right. Sit down. Thanks. Excuse me, I have to be cautious today. And try to be brief. It depends on you. You sign here, take this check, and we’re done in minutes. Well, I won’t sign it, won’t take the check, and so we’re done right now. It seems clear. Excuse me if I insist, but think it over. Unlike other noblemen, you can sell your palace because it’s not a national monument. Go away, you nuisance! The sum that we offer is more than twice its real value. How could you know how much I value my own house? Think it over, we’re talking about millions, and this is just an advance of . Feel how heavy it is. Yes, but I’m old now, and I can’t lift weights anymore. Think how many things you can do with millions. millons! Maybe this time he’ll accept!? You don’t know him then! Wow! Never seen so much money! These are , right? Yes, and then you would give me more. Obviously. You know what I would do with all this money? I’d buy a palace like this one. It would cost me millions Radio and I’d be pennyless in no time. Just as I am now. But Prince, you live alone, you could buy a smaller house! So now that I’m broke I live in a big house Radio but as a millionaire I’d have to live in a small house! Look, forget about it. An now I’ve got something to do. I must repair my water boiler. The wind! Prince! The check! Close the window, quick! Close it yourself! He dares giving orders to the Prince! But it’s a -million check! Paid to the bearer! Try harder! Here, look! Do something! What should I do? You picked it up, finally. See, millions aren’t that heavy after all. And if I convince the company to raise the offer? Convince them to leave me alone. Best wishes. My best. Again Radio Stop! Mr. Prince Radio I’m sorry. Why do they always have to put doorknobs at pocket level? Damn it! Curse! Bah! He even has sweaty hands. He thinks I’m mad, but I’m not. Pasqualino, what’s happening to you? You look featherless everyday. Your used to have a beautiful tail. You’ve lost weight. Are you in love, Pasqualino? People think I’m mad.

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