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Barbie Cool Princess

Barbie Cool Princess


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Barbie Cool Princess Description

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Barbie Cool Princess Can I go first? Mrs. Brichon, not a word before a.m. Here. I’m sorry. It’s just that game everyone always expects me to be such a good little girl game It’s making me crazy. I have no expectations. Just watch out for Mrs. Brichon. What? Is it Thursday? Yeah. Why are all the depressing ones on Thursday? Why so optimistic about the rest of the week? It’s o’clock. The lions are in the arena. Buck up! You gonna be okay? Let’s go! I’m sorry. It was involuntary. No, it’s okay. Listen, maybe it was the wrong day for such a bad joke. Come in, I’ll be right with you. Dad, I’m swamped this morning. What’s up? One second. Have a seat! Where’s the credenza? What did you do with Mom’s credenza? It took up too much space, so we put it in the back room. Sit down. Okay, here’s what’s up. You know I never had a private practice, my pension is small, so I don’t have much in savings. Anyway, you both make a good living. I know you don’t expect an inheritance from me. So? So, Tatiana and Sorina have nothing. I’d like to give them a hand, to leave them something. Just leave them a settlement. It’s nice of you to tell us but you don’t need us for that. No, but I’d like them to have the works, you know. The works game You mean everything? You want to disinherit us? When you say it like that, it sounds melodramatic. I’m not trying to wrong you. I’d just like the money to go to those in need. That seems completely reasonable. On the other hand, if you feel you’re in greater need, we won’t mention it again. She asked you to do this? Tatiana’s has a different background. Don’t make judgments. So game Everything that was your mother’s, like the credenza, will rightfully be yours. Legally, it’s ours already. You only hold it in usufruct. Yes, of course, that’s what I meant. Concretely, how do you plan to proceed? You can’t usually disinherit your children. Exactly. I saw a notary. You can just renounce your inheritance yourselves. Is that okay with you? Yes. And you, Babette? No problem? Are those curtains new? Yes, they’re new. Is this okay with you

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