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Barbie Bride Makeover Adventure

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  • Barbie Bride Makeover Adventure

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    Barbie Bride Makeover Adventure Description

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    Counting’ days, my Bae? It’s how long we women have been on strike. See, you still on fleek. Not playin’ meek. Damn! You know I got feelings for you. Feelings for me? Down to the bone. Chi, I’m not picking’ a bone with you. I know you miss Daddy Dick Nasty. Not more than you miss this steamy, creamy hot butter biscuit. Hot butter biscuit! I’m set afire wit’ desire. Bring it out! A brass bed! That’s enemy led. That’s a big ass brass bed for banging black booty! What? My wife’s bi-racial. Whoever comes first, loses. We had some good times. A few. Especially in the A.M. You always liked it in the morning. Like you liked it at night. Yeah. Right tight. I miss you. I missed you back. You got them bedroom eyes. Like your man Biggie said, they “Hypnotize.” Or like your man Tupac said, “How do you want it?” Remember our first? It was in the club. You was looking too damn good. I had the chicken and waffles, you had ribs. Took you to the crib. Showed you how I live. Got you some wine. Yeah, beautiful time. You smell good. I know. Now what about peace? Shit! You’re the only peace I need. Turn them goddamn muthain’ lights out! Come on, baby. Come. Come for me. Come for me, baby. Yeah! Oh Chi! Doing it to me. We gonna win! We gonna win! Oh shit! Oh shit! We done, yo. Cyclops! That’s my man! What? We done. You know we wrong, right? you mean we wrong? Dead wrong! I want my woman Indigo more than I want a dead yo Spartan Purple. Not getting some cause we out here acting dumb? I’d rather my Glock don’t cock than my nuts stay numb! Lysistrata took no pity, turned out every gangster in the city. Global, really game I asked Cyclops to be here. You been played for peace! This , listen to your queen, son. Had time to reevaluate my shit. And don’t think I turned . But muthaas like us in the life, we too need to strike. Put some change in our refrain and stop all of this killing pain. Thus game We, The United Federation of Gangsterism for The State of Drillinois, hereby decree, we cashing in our chips. We done with all of this dumb shit.

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