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Barbie Bride Makeover

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  • Barbie Bride Makeover

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    Barbie Bride Makeover Description

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    Barbie Bride Makeover I’m gonna miss you guys. We got to get out of here. Maybe Mom will hear us. Shh. She can’t hear us. She must be sleeping. Oh, no. He’s taking us to our new home. But we want to stay here! Where’s Mom? Mom? I don’t want to go! Mom? Mom? Don’t worry. I’ll get us out. We promise we’ll be good from now on! I swear! Ouch! You stepped on my tail! Sorry. Guys, I’ll be right back. Does that mean we can get out of this box soon? I don’t know. He said he’d be right back. I’m really gonna miss you guys. I’m gonna miss you, too, Tommy. You guys were my best friends. Oh, no! Mom, help! Tommy, wait! Tommy wasn’t kidding, then. He really is giving us to game. Oh, he’s close. He’s close. Come on. Where are you? There you are. He’s here. Come on. Whoa! Whoa! Good job, Donner, Blitzen! Those Thompson twins almost caught us. What am I doing here? I haven’t been here for years. I have no presents for this address. Records indicate a pickup at this site. Please proceed to the chimney. No, no. You don’t game I don’t think there’s any presents for this address. Records indicate a pickup at this site. Please proceed to the chimney. All right. Here we go. Come on. Tune in. Tune in. No, tracking node, come on. Flip over. Flip over. Heh heh. Wow, it has certainly been a while since I’ve been here. This guy needs to lay off the cookies. Wait. Is that game? It is. Maybe he’s gonna take us to our new home. But I like this one. Dear game, Mom game Hmm? Oh. Cookies. He gets cookies? Aw, that’s not fair. Mom? Uhoh. No. Wait! Whoa! Wait! What’s going on now? Hey, guys! Where is he taking us? I never even got to say goodbye to the litter box! What’s going on? Whoa! Whoa! Wait! Why are we up on the roof? Whew. That was close. Let’s see what we have here. We have a note. It’s game. I gotta record this. Tape. I need a tape. What have we got here? Dear game, Mom won’t let me keep kittins. Please take game Kittens? Fifth grade recital, no. Ballet classes, no. Kittens? No, no. NNo. No kittens. Sharknado, definitely not. Dad’s farewell speech, yes! Come on.

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