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Barbie Best Princess

Barbie Best Princess


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Barbie Best Princess Description

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and the women come out to cut up what remains just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains Game ? Game and go to your God like a soldier. For ‘s sake. What you doing putting this shit in your head? Well, it’s a bit of perspective, innit? Perspective on what? What a dour-faced bastard Rudyard Kipling was? You pricks. It’s Quasimodo and Wurzel Gummidge. It’s alright Game What happened, Ken? Game you can get your own shit tomorrow, OK? Did you get the three-fifty chargers? Negative. For ‘s sake. off the two of youse. Prosser’s got another unit. Alright cock smokers? Yeah. Here, how come it’s always you that gets the crap jobs then, Ken? off. Crap hat, crap job. You can off too, Cromwell. Faz. Am I Oliver Cromwell? You’re an idiot. It doesn’t count if someone tells you, does it? Rules is rules, Smudge, yeah. Five bines. You absolute knob. Ma shot Game I swear to , Smudge, see if you make me Jimmy Krankie one more time Game I know where I’m going Game Game And I will stop at nothing just to get what I want. It’s the only way Game Here, Smudge, watch this. Ready? ‘Pressive. Ninja fingers, mate. Game weird. Mayo on sausage? You weirdo, mate. It’s sweet, mate. Mate, sausage, cheese and mayo on a sandwich. Swear to God, mate. Don’t look at me like that, I’m telling you. Hurry up, man. I’m starving. There’s a lot of about down there, mush. petrol station again, mate. Here, go get Stu. Sure. Stu, Stu, Stu, Stu. Wake up, mate. Activity at the petrol station. Come on, get your arse up. Come on. hell. Alright, come on. Bloody hell, Jar Head. I was just getting to the good bit. Right, what we looking at? It’s that petrol station again, mush. They’re persistent little bastards, I’ll give ’em that. Right. Kilo Two, this is Kilo Five, over. Kilo Two, this is Kilo Five. Over. For ‘s sake. Kilo Five to Kilo Two. What the was that? Over. Kilo Two. Enemy activity in the vicinity of the petrol station. Over. Roger, wait out. What’s the rush, you ers. We got all night. Call it in. Somebody get Mark. I’m here. What we got? Contact from petrol station.

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