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Barbie Best Princess

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    and again and again about Pearl Harbor and about how my son “gave his life for his country.” Because he didn’t. Those Japs took his life. And they did it in the most cowardly way you can imagine. We need to do something about that Jap. If I could, I would smash every Jap with my bare hands. That’s the rat’s dump. You want to smash him with your bare hands, huh? Here you go. Have at him. Go on. There he is! Take that, dirty Jap! Maybe this’ll let him know that “slants” ain’t welcome game I finally understood why they don’t let flat feet into the Army. Five groups of “Hail Marys” and five “Our Fathers.” In Latin. Amen. Now you. In Latin? Thank God nothing happened to Hashimoto. I’ve finished. Very good. Something else? The seed itself doesn’t do anything. What I said is, “If you have faith,” the invisible power” game Like Ben Eagle’s powers? “Ben Eagle”? Well, no, that’s just fantasy. How can you say that? I met Ben Eagle and he showed me how to move a bottle. He can also move a mountain, just like you said. No, no, no. That’s not the same thing. That’s not faith. Let’s see. If you have faith, “fides” in Latin game Crispin, I’ll take it from here. I understand. Take a seat. Why don’t you show me how you moved the bottle? You want to see? Yes, I do. I guess that was stupid of me. Why don’t you try again? Again. There, it moved. No, you moved it. Yes, because you moved me to move it. See, I moved it because you wanted the bottle to move so much. And that, you could say, is how faith works. At least some of the time. And this is as much as I need to move a mountain? In theory, yes. But it’s up to Him. He’s the mover. How could I get bigger faith? The list, the ancient list. For centuries, people believed that if you do this list, it’ll make your faith powerful. This is what you have to do. “Feed the hungry,” shelter the homeless, visit those in prison, “clothe the naked.” Naked? How is that supposed to game “Visit the sick, bury the dead.” Oh, just one more thing. In order to make this list work for you, I’m gonna

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