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Barbie Best Princess

Barbie Best  Princess


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Barbie Best Princess Description

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The coppers won’t go down there. The last one that did go, they bashed him up, then sat on him and then blew him up his whistle to fetch more coppers. Oh! Ernest. It’s not your cuppa tea, darling. Am I to understand that you wish to leave us? Yes, madam. To get married? Yes, madam. To a man?! Yes, madam. Well Games ..I hope you know what you’re doing. Ever so sorry, madam. Give us your box, darling. Oh! I don’t like leaving them, they’re so helpless. They can’t do a thing for themselves. Hm. Serve ’em right. Bloated plutocrats! There’s no need to swear, Ernest. What? Don’t worry about them. They’ll soon get another skivvy. I was not a skivvy! I was a lady’s maid and what’s more, I’m going to be married! So am I! THEY LAUGH Oh, it’s lovely. But £? Can we afford that mortgage business? Yeah, it’s easy. I’ll be getting three guineas a week soon. Besides, we’ve got years. Games , it’ll be ours. A wrought iron gate, your ladyship. SHE GIGGLES Silly. Oh, and look, Ernest, a marble pillar. LAUGHS: Look at this. Oh! Oh, Ernest. It’s so much space. We could get those electric lights put in. Yeah, nice and modern. Brother Fred’s got a wireless. He can hear Germany. Whatever would you want to hear Germany for? Oh! A French window! Oh, Ernest, there’s the bathroom! Blimey! The lav too. Come along, Ernest. TOILET FLUSHES Hm. Ha! Enormous bedroom! Four windows in one room! It’ll cost a fortune for curtains. A bit different to home, eh, darling? Lots of rooms for two people. Perhaps they’ll be more than two one day. What, lodgers you mean? No! THEY CHUCKLE This could be our baby’s room. Nice and warm over the kitchen. Let’s get rid of this old range. Ha! This boiler came out of the ark. SHE GIGGLES Hello, puss. CAT MEOWS AND PURRS Oh. A fair bit of garden. More than down-home. Oh, I’ve always wanted my own bit of garden. A little shed for my bike and workshop. And mind you, keep it tidy. Don’t you start bossing me about before we get married. HE LAUGHS Oh, Ernest, I can’t believe it. We’ll have a kitchen and a scullery.

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