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Barbie Best Model Dress Up

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  • Barbie Best Model Dress Up

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    So is wee in a way, if you think about it. Hm game Hm game Oh, how about another drink? Yeah, that would be great. Yeah. Let me get these. Oh, no, it’s fine. No, it’s alright. No, no, seriously. OK, you can get them. You get them? I’ll get them, shall I? Great, cheers. Thank you. Ah game Busted. You’ve got a picture of your ex in the old wallet. Oh, no, that’s my sister. Oh. She’s very pretty. I bet she gets all “ze boyz”. She’s dead. Wow. It’s going so well. No, Elaine, I’ve got pictures of my cats in my wallet and they’re alive and kicking and I want people to ask me about them. Well, it’s good that you went. Why is it good? It’s just so excruciating and predictable, just as it always is. I’m just gonna let my vagina hermetically seal up. Yeah, well, that will really help. Never hurt Barbie. She’s got a beach buggy and horses and a salon. And a boyfriend. Is she still with that guy? Such a fake smile. How long are you gonna be? Get your arse over here pronto. We have a lot of nibbles to put into a lot of bowls. About two hours. A reminder to all passengers that due to engineering work no trains are currently stopping at Clapham Junction. About seven hours. What the ?! I’m joking. Not funny. I can’t do this on my own. Hello. And don’t forget the chocolate mousse. Mum’s obsessed. And you’ve done your speech? I’ve got a rough draft. You haven’t. You’ve done a lot of doodles and crossing out. I mean, as if. Come on. You know Dad loves it when you do a speech. So it needs to be good and special. OK? Fine. Oh, and Nancy? Yeah’? Don’t seal up just yet. It’ll happen. I promise. Yeah, yeah. off. Oh. Black game “Pant” game wash. Sorry. I couldn’t help overhearing. You should really think about reading this. Right. Right, right, right, right. Did it, then? Did it what? Change your life. Oh, erm game Maybe. Yeah. But maybe not as well? Well, I like to give everything a go, because otherwise what’s the point? You’ve got to hope it’s going to work. Because what is life without hope? Death. Death it is, then. You see,

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