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Barbie Beauty time 4

Barbie Beauty time 4


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Barbie Beauty time 4 Description

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Barbie Beauty time 4 Write? Yeah. Ok, start from here: ” game the repressive intervention game ” Thank you. Anna? I’m going downstairs. Now? Police! Open the door! House search! Excuse me. Thank you. Good morning, this is a house search. Why? Mrs Moravcova, we are usually the ones who ask questions. But if you want to know, we’re looking for subversive materials. When we find them, you’ll go to jail. Or you can sign the agreement. You still have time. Thanks for your offer. I have made up my mind. Please. Can you give me back my postcard? No. Why not? Because I have confiscated it. We’ll meet again. Excuse me. Do you have the keys to the mangling room? You know very well how the materials came to you. If you don’t tell me forget about the Olympics. Did Marek Kriz give them to your mum? Do they meet often? I don’t know. I’ve been up and about since am and my patience is running thin. Comrade Kracik? Novotny speaking. We’ve met in matters of young Moravcova. I need you to come over. Right now? To the headquarters? Yes. This is a propagation of subversive texts. If you don’t sign the cooperation Anna is not going to the Olympics. But she has already qualified. She’s not going anywhere and you’re going to jail. We know it’s from Kriz anyway. If I were you I’d cooperate. Could I get a lawyer? Yes but he won’t save you. You yourself are of no value for us. Then perhaps it’s better if you arrest someone who is of no value. Hello. Hi, come on. You can thank comrade Kracik for getting you out of this mess. What will happen to my mom? Look, I can’t make miracles. Be glad I helped you. As comrade investigator said it’s only up to you. I told him I don’t know anything. Sleep on it and tomorrow you’ll tell them what they need. Look, the socialist system has invested tens of thousands into your training. The others can only dream about the advantages you have. Am I supposed to be grateful to you for stuffing me with anabolics? Anna, mind your words. If you act stupid your coach will pay then me and then those above me. Heads will roll because of you.

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