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Barbie Beauty Secrets

Barbie Beauty Secrets


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Barbie Beauty Secrets Description

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Barbie Beauty Secrets points are awarded to the winner. We need . How are you gonna do that? Is your daddy gonna come back from the junkyard to drive your buggy? Hey, watch your mouth, punk. The lady here will drive against you. Really? Really. She won a worldwide competition for most skilful pilot, handeye coordination. Reflexes, guts under pressure. She’s a natural. And after she’s done driving against you, we’re gonna have a whole different conversation. Dani laughs MAN LEYI Lights out. Go on. Get some rest. Good night. cellphone rings ring Sighs Hello. Roy, you got a Lacey Myers over there? Yeah, I know her. Eh, looks like she doesn’t meet the competition’s age requirement. You have documentation? I thought this would be a cakewalk, Hunter, but these guys are good. You worried about tomorrow? Well, don’t be. If it comes to it, I’ll take care of it. CONWAY Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? Okay, you’re not gonna do something stupid, are you? Chuckles Chandra’s right, Hunter. We were all ticked off when those kids first got here, but they’ve proven themselves. Yeah. They haven’t proven anything. They got lucky. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to guarantee victory. I am not gonna lose my chance to go to space. And don’t think I haven’t seen you fraternizing with the enemy, making googoo eyes at that Chinese kid. Hunter. You two better get with the program and step it up, both of you. And keep your mouths shut, ’cause if I go down Game you go down. I’m sorry, Lacey Game more than you know. But I Game I have to call your mother. I have to send you home. No audible dialogue You could just let it go. Can I? It’s just a girl who loves this program so much she fudged her application by a few days. Jimmy, she broke the rules. She lied, and she’s out. Now, you cut corners in space, and people die. If she goes, we have no driver for the buggy race, we lose the competition, we never go to space. That is what you are here to learn. You win as a team, and you lose as a team. This is CNM breaking news. We’re live from Houston, Texas, where Hurricane Nancy has picked up steam.

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