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Barbie Beauty Adventure

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  • Barbie Beauty Adventure

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    Barbie Beauty Adventure Description

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    CLAY: You’re in no shape to take this guy. Come after me, but keep your distance. If you see an opportunity to move in, take it. Otherwise, keep your eyes on Kayla no matter what, okay? Forget that, man. I say we take this boat and get out of here. What about Kayla? It’s my fault that she’s even here. Another person you wanna leave behind. What is with you? I just wanna make a trade with this guy. Hopefully, he’ll let her go, you get her game game you find anything that floats, and you get out of here. Okay? Straight to the mainland, don’t look back. Find the police, tell them everything. Well, not everything. Okay, go, come on. This guy will kill you. Well, I guess you should thank him. Good luck. You know, these beans are fair trade from Colombia. No slash-and-burn agriculture. But you could care less, I’m sure. Where is she? Where’s your friend? HENRY: He left. He took Kayla’s canoe to get help. But by the time he gets there, we’ll be done and you’ll be gone. Why do I doubt that? Show me Kayla or I turn around. Mm, that’s good. But you forget game game you’re not the one who’s calling the shot here. You need me to get what you want. You spent the last two hours proving it. [SIGHS] Very true. Okay. Outside, girl, now. There she is. Let her go first. I can threaten her, you can say, “Let her go.” You can threaten me, and I can put my, uh game game on her throat. It’s all one big circle, you know. And I don’t have the time. She waits here, or she die. You’re the only one left. We’re gonna do this my way. [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] FRANCOIS: You lose, park ranger. Put the gun down. That’s right. You know game game you should learn to tie better knots next time. Now, then, shall we? Get on. I’m making the dive. Let her go. Or the girl stay here. You know, you finish the job game game and then both of you will drive to the sunset. Let him think about what I’ll do to her if he s with us. Francois, be a gentleman. Just hang in there. I’m gonna get you out of this, okay? I’m not going anywhere. He promise.

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