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Barbie Beautiful Fruit

Barbie Beautiful Fruit


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Barbie Beautiful Fruit Description

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Barbie Beautiful Fruit I don’t have any matches He can’t hear you, buddy. He’s deaf Shame on you! How dare you lie to an ecilop? Give me your foot, you swindler! What are you doing, moron? Be quiet now, thinker Bye Patsaks! Why were you thinking about the match? Imbecile! Why were you thinking about the match, you cretin, you idiot? Patsakian dimwit! Tolik, help me out over here! What a tragedy! What a tragedy! I only thought about the match because you told me not to I was going to think about the goose There’s still hope, gentlemen We’ll go see your government I’ll tell them who I am, put on a free performance for them We’ll establish cultural and economic ties We’ll trade you ketses for pepelatses and yellow pants To get to the government, you need to have a gravitsapa The government lives on another planet, buddy They have butterflies there, too Tolik, get him! What are you doing! Drop it! Stop, you jerk! So long, DJ! Never before Game Never before in all the Galaxy Game Game has there been such a despicable Patsak as you! Tolik Tsarapkin The woods are so beautiful in winter Fir trees put on their fur hats Birds sing Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Mama, mama, what am I to do? Hello? Hello? This is Tolik Yelena TsarapkirTs son All right, let’s have goose Game Give me that! Hello? Speak up! Uncle Vova Game I was just kidding Tolik, please address me by my full name It would be more polite Why? I’m your nephew Because I don’t have a cousin named Yelena Tsarapkin That’s why No cousin? Fine Hello, earthlings. DJ Tolik Tsarapkin here Tolik! A tornado! Get down! AN ABRIDGED CHATLANIANPATSAK DICTIONARY PEPELATS a spaceship GRAVITSAPA an antigravity ECILOP a policeman TSAK a nose bell ETSIKH prison KETSE a match KEW a socially acceptable obscenity KOO all other words Bless you! Hey! Wait up! No come closer! What you want? We are Patsaks from the planet Earth Can you take us to the Center? Three chatles please We don’t have any money. But we’ll work for it What do you can? Anything Be you specific Specific? Vladimir here is specifically a famous fiddler Him play Here?

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