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Barbie Beautiful Fruit Time

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  • Barbie Beautiful Fruit Time

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    Barbie Beautiful Fruit Time Description

    Barbie Beautiful Fruit Time, Barbie Beautiful Fruit Time Games, Play Barbie Beautiful Fruit Time Games

    I is not got anything. You’ve been talking in here! Answer! Talking? No, no. Er, yes, yes. I was talking Games to myself. You Games You know me. sniffs Smell human bean. Give me! Come on Games Give me! – BFG yelps No. There’s no human bean here. What would I want with a human bean? Bloodbottler grunts Eat him. Crunch his bones up. Yeah. You knows I is not eating human beans, Bloodbottler. I has my snozzcumbers. It’s scrumdiddlydumptious. – sniffs Why is you not trying some? What’s it taste of? It’s like peachy fruits and pineyapples. Yeuch! – BFG yells Er Games and bones. Yes, it tastes like bones, snozzcumber does. What? Tastes like bones, eh? Bones is good. Yeah. whispers BFG! No! Stop! Is my bone! sniffs chomps Bleurgh! You! Not taste like bones! roars Oh Games Sophie. What has I done? Sophie coughs BFG Huh? Sophie? Where is you? Over here. coughs Sophie. coughs You is alive! I think so. coughs I was right inside his mouth! I knows you was. Smelt horrible. He nearly swallowed me. It was awful. Then he tasted the snozzcumber. BFG Did he hurt you? Not really. He hurt you, though. Hmm? Me? chuckles groans No. I is as right as snow. Sophie chuckles It’s rain. Hmm? Is it? Where? No, erm, I mean the saying. It’s “as right as rain”. Oh, is it? chuckles I have such twist tickling problems, you see, with words. Does try my best all the time, but there is no schools in Giant Country to teach me. I love the way you talk. BFG Does you? Does you really? Hmm. There. This nightie needs a wash. It’s lovely! BF Games BFG? Hmm? What were you doing in our village last night? That is private and confidential. Tell me what you were doing with that trumpet. I saw you blowing it. Ah Games Now you is getting nosier than a parker. I won’t ask any more questions. Hmm. Alright. If you really want to know, I was blowing a dream into the children’s bedroom. Blowing a dream? – BFG Yeah, it is my job. When all the other giants is galloping off to gobble up human beans, I is taking dreams around in my old suitcase. Nice dreams for little chiddlers.

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