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Barbie Beautiful Clothing Adventure

Barbie Beautiful Clothing Adventure


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Barbie Beautiful Clothing Adventure Description

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Son? Is that you? Yes. The hospital, they just phoned. Oh, right. She’s Games I’m going up there. I’ll leave now. OK. I’ll see you there. Bye, Dad. Steady on, old son. Steady on. Why’s she on a trolley. I don’t know, son. Look, bloody tissues and things right by her face. They’ve put her teeth in all crooked. I know, son. I don’t know. I still keep laying the table for two, duck. Daft, isn’t it, Susie puss? Nice daffs, aren’t they? Games Retailers tell the Government they accept Games I’ll get cocoa in a minute, dear. Games employers offered to resume paying for Games Goodnight, Susie. Argh! Oh! Argh! Aargh! Ohh! It’s OK, Susie. I suppose I’d better get the Salvation Army to take it all away. Perfect! They are showing Hangman’s House at the local. You mean, the Coronation? Yes. Starts at eight. I could meet you there. Thank you. That would Games that would be very nice. Grand. And these, they’re for you. SHE GASPS They are Games lovely. See you about a quarter to, then. Yes. Yes, I’ll be there! BIKE BELL DINGS Oh! Ernest Games Two, please. ORGAN PLAYS JOLLY TUNE (Victor McLaglen.) Who’s he? Him up there. Oh. My favourite. Oh Games JAZZY TUNE PLAYS CHATTER AND LAUGHTER Oh, Ernest, doesn’t it sound wonderful? Cor! Blimey, yeah. Five shillings to get in! A bit posh if you ask me. Tell you what, it’s under a shilling at our church hall next Saturday. Are you on? Oh, Ernest! HE LAUGHS HE SNIFFS Lovely flowers, darling. Oh, that’s Dad. He’s potty about the garden. Did you all grow up here? Yes, of us. Bob, Beaty, Mag, Edie, me, Frank, Flo, Jessie, George, Joe and Bill. Cor, blimey! SHE CHUCKLES Come and meet Mum and Dad. Ernest, your tie. Want to make a good impression. Oh, yes, darling. George was killed in the war, Bob died as a baby and Beaty died at two and a half. Poor little kiddies. Hm. Hello, dear. Mum, this is Ernest. Very pleased to meet you, uh, Mrs Bowyer. You haven’t asked me to your home yet, dear. Yeah, well, it’s not as nice as yours, darling. What do you mean, not as nice? Well, there’s scrap iron, rag-and-bone men, there’s fights outside the pubs. Women too.

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