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Barbie And Ken Sweet Party

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  • Barbie And Ken Sweet Party

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    Barbie And Ken Sweet Party Description

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    Barbie And Ken Sweet Party We’re organized. Let them come, we’re ready for them. Three spoons of milk, which you’ll find in the cupboard. That’s in the sideboard. Plus a spoon of flour. In all her bottles. Change her often. And don’t forget to use lotion. Then you can take them to Mum’s in the morning. Around .. That way you can have your coffee. What’s going on? We’re off, otherwise our parents will give us grief. Are you abandoning us? No, we’ll be back tomorrow. Yes, you have to come back. We’re counting on you. ‘Bye girls! Good luck! Lucky things! Goodbye, girls. See you tomorrow. This is too important. I’m staying here. Who’s going to cook my steak? Do without a slave for once. The milk game Never mind, it doesn’t matter. Drink, Mounette! Come on, drink! Don’t you want to drink? Here! Naughty girl! Don’t play with matches. Look at what you’ve done. Right, go sit over there. And don’t move. Pick up the potatoes, and put them in here. Hurry up. Silly thing! More tender! Closer! Stop saying dada! Come on, girls! Boursac, we’ll get you! Boursac, we’ll get you! We need more wood for the fire. I wonder how he got on with the kids. It’s probably a right mess. At least that way, he’ll know what it’s like. Don’t you worry. It doesn’t matter. PICKET DUTY st ROUND nd ROUND Colette game It’s your turn on the picket line. You’re going to be cold. Wrap up. You’ll be happy to be back when we’ve won. You can go! Factory occupied! nd day Dominique? Your man is here. Hurry up. He’s waiting. Why are you talking to her like that? Come on, let them in. We’ll look after them. They know how to make kids but not how to look after them. You’re running really late! You’re no father! They haven’t eaten. I’m going to have to find something for them to eat as well. Get lost! You’re annoying me. Come on, Vincent. Come with Mummy. What a handful! We’ll help you. Go in. Leave that. Don’t touch that, love. How did it go? Well done, Daniel. All right? It’s nice of you. Don’t forget the ciggies! Watch out. The beans are coming! To think we had to have a strike to get to know each other.

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