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Barbi And Ellie Summer Moda

Barbi And Ellie Summer Moda


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Barbi And Ellie Summer Moda Description

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Do you think that you can pass the traditional Eighteen Monks’ test? I’d like to try. Go easy on me. That really hurt! Why so serious? The Master is watching and this is a serious matter. This is inhuman. Here I come! Hey, get up! Watch out! Take that! Halt! You have passed the preliminary test, but you must always be on your guard. Take care! Master, please allow me to fight with short batons. Elders, I should like to take the whole test. I shall aim to do my best. Let go, or else I’ll pull your moustache off! Master, Yilang has passed the Eighteen Monks’ test! Now you are qualified to leave, Yilang. Are you related to Shek? My name is Wong. Master Shek has passed away, and he is survived by a young daughter. I am temporarily in charge here. This is ideal. Please hand over the Badge. The Badge? Now that Shek is dead, we need a new Martial Master. But the rules game What rules? He who has the strongest fist rules! If that were true, why would we have an election every ten years? Let me enlighten you. The leaders of every school game that is, the ones who were eligible, have all been killed by the Seven Deadly Fists. The Seven Deadly Fists? Since you wouldn’t hand over the Badge, you too shall sample the Seven Deadly Fists. And what about me? Shek Yingfeng may be dead, but his daughter still lives. I’m the one you have to ask for the Badge! Miss Shek is certainly pretty. But somehow, I don’t think that that’s enough to secure the Badge. Try me. Let me through. Come on. Are you ready to surrender? Now, why would she do that? Shame on you, bullying a wee girl. Come down. What are you doing here? Why are you fighting? That’s Luk Ching, the Wanderer. He says he wants to be the Martial Master and that he wants my father’s badge. Martial Master? Hm. So you’re the Wanderer, are you, then? Martial Master? You? Well, let me tell you. You’re looking at the Martial Master. Who are you? Who am I? You’ll get a heart attack when I tell you. I am game the invincible, honourable, supreme game oneandonly, unbeatable game Yilang!

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